The Musings of One Miss Julie

Friday, July 29, 2005

Gone Fishing

Gee, what a scintillating week it's been around this blogspot. And it's going to be dry again next week. We're heading up north to the Upper Peninsula (aka the U.P.) tomorrow morning where we'll camp on Lake Superior. It's going to be grand, grand, grand.

What do you think of my gorgie new sunglasses, which the ever-knowing Scott chose for me? He's a great gift-picker-outer and he didn't disappoint this time either. The glasses are inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film that's out now, and I think they're meant to look like the ones Johnny Depp wears at one point in the film, though I haven't yet seen it to know for sure. And while they don't show in the photo, there's a really fabulous swirly W on the arm, which I love. Oh how I adore over-the-top accessories (these are taking the place of the bright orange cat glasses I've been sporting lately).

Anyway, what with all the free time I'm going to have next week, I hope to have lots of fun finished and in-progress items to report on when I get back. And I'm giving in and delving in to the Harry Potter books at long last. (Scott's nearly beside himself because he can't talk over Book 6 with me.) We'll see if I can buzz through Books 1-4 as a start.

Toodles, dahlings.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Back

We had an extraordinary time at the wedding this past weekend, though I'm exhausted. We arrived home at 4:00 this morning, and I had to work today. Our journey, which lasted an unnecessarily long 17 hours, was pleasant enough (gosh, that Wisconsin countryside is lovely) but we kept laughing that the guests who flew in from India probably had shorter journeys than ours. In any case, I say that there's still no better way to experience the romance of America than by traveling in the car.

This truth made itself known to me again on the trip to the event: The trouble with technology is that when one needs it, it will disappoint you. Such is the case with the digital camera, whose battery died somewhere on the long drive between Detroit and Minneapolis because the design of the camera leaves the flash vulnerable. The flash got turned on, the battery drained, and all we could say was: That's a toughie. No pics until the film is developed, then.

And now I'm off to my bed. It's just not fair to put Scott and Groucho the Wonderpooch through another day of sleep-deprived, cranky Julie.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Off to the Wilds of Minnesota

Actually, not really, since we're going to Minneapolis. But it does feel pretty wild to consider that I'm going directly west of my beloved Great Lakes for the first time instead of being between them or east of them.

Scott's good friend is getting married so we're off to the wedding. It's going to be a grand weekend extravaganza, and it's the first Hindu marriage ceremony I'll have attended. It should be fabulous and very special.

I'm off to pack and research yarn-shop possibilities. Be back Monday!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

As for Me, It's Over

Scott and I did the Midnight Magic Party thing last night for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I've worked for Borders through the release of at least four Harry books now and I'm embarrassed to admit this was the first release party I went to.

We picked up Scott's copy at the downtown Ann Arbor store, where I thought they had a good handle on things. We were number 265 in line and there were probably still several hundred after us waiting. It was actually quite fun to be part of and feel that frisson of excitement that just hung in the air. And even though I sometimes roll my eyes at the hype that little guy Harry receives, I do really like that people are so excited about and feel such a connection with a book.

And now, I can happily bow out of this round of Harry Potter craziness at work. Who knows, I may blog about Book 7 some day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm All Smiles, Darling

What a guy! That fella of mine surprised me at work today with these beauties, and as a result I had a wee cry followed by hours of an irresistible need to smile. He knows how to pick the flowers, too: Those Gerberas are my favorites and they look stupendous in my yellow office.

The note attached to the bouquet congratulated me on my new office, but I'm seeing the flowers as a loving acknowledgement that we finally made it through the long haul of some of what capital-L Life throws at you sometimes.

Good things breed more good things, apparently. Scott also got his official teacher's certification from the State of Michigan today. I've taken to calling him Mr. I or Mr. Isgrigg so he'll be prepared for when he gets a job.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I've got food on the brain today.

First, I saw Heidi's post about her brave attempt to say no to refined sugar all next week. Yowsa! That's a bit punishing for my tastes, but I admire her courage and wish her well all the same.

Still, thinking of her didn't stop me from whipping up a batch of Ben's Chocolate Ice Cream from my favorite ice-creamy idea book, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream & Dessert Book. And as I poured in that full cup of sugar, followed soon after by a full cup of heavy whipping cream, I could only sigh and smile. I'm taking it to a birthday celebration at work, along with some brownies and sundae fixin's. Now I just need to hope that enough people are still on extended Fourth of July vacations and therefore aren't Lean Cuisine-ing the communal freezer, leaving no room for my ice cream.

Second, my sister emailed me today with a happy announcement: Penzey's is finally coming to Southeast Michigan! Now I can drive to get my spices -- inhaling what must surely be a delectable aroma -- instead of ordering through the catalog. It's going to be heavenly.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Look Who Finished Her Booga Bag

Booga Bag I'm so pleased with the outcome. The colors are scrumptious, my first foray into felting was oodles of fun, and now I have this gorgeous hunk of wool to show for it.

I'm thinking of adding a lining just so items I put in the bag won't catch on the fibers. But that's not going to stop me from carrying the bag until then.

Happy Fourth of July!