The Musings of One Miss Julie

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lazy Saturday Morning

Grooving to some quiet jazz trumpet on the stereo and with the sun streamed in so beautifully this morning, I was inspired to bust out the camera for photos I've been meaning to take for a while.

pink buttonsAt the beginning of January, I went to visit my friend Michelle in Chicago for the weekend. I took in some yarn shops while I was there, which I was sadly disappointed by. The shop I had longed to visit, and that was anything but lackluster, was Tender Buttons (read an article about the store).

For this button-ophile, their selection was heavenly. They had vintage buttons of all styles, shapes, and materials that were absolutely fascinating. I was most intrigued by the full sets of buttons -- still on their cards -- from the 1930s and '40s. I couldn't wait to get home and dip my hands into the button boxes we inherited from my grandmas to see how their collections compared. In any case, I just couldn't leave Tender Buttons without making a purchase, and when I saw the perfect shanked accessory for my bubblegum-pink SitcomChic sweater, I scooped them up. Aren't they adorable? I also really like that the store designed and had them produced.

baby sweaterI knit a little more on the back of the baby sweater while Scott slept in late this morning. I know I could fly on this if I'd just settle in with my knitting for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

Later today I'm going to take a giant basketful of yarn over to the community center for use by the senior citizens. I got a lot of yarn from Scott's grandma that I know I will not use but that still has plenty of enjoyment left for another needleworker.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lots of Blue and White

I started the blue-and-white striped baby sweater for my friend's little one last week. I made some fair progress over the weekend, but haven't touched it since Sunday. Something about the domestic bustle of weeknights keeps me from doing much knitting.

I did learn an important lesson about stripes, however: You don't always have to cut the yarn when changing colors. I took the sweater back into knitting class with me on Monday night to show my teacher. I knew something was wrong when she got a look at the wodge of yarn ends hanging from one side. She gave me a sympathetic look and then told me I could have carried the yarn to the next pattern of stripes instead of cutting. Now I guess it's just going to be me and the darning needle for a whole lot of hours as I weave in each of those ends. I'll take that lesson to heart when I knit the front and the sleeves of the sweater.

I should mention that, surprise!, I won't be finishing the sweater in time for my friend's baby shower tomorrow afternoon. Another fine example of how this one Miss Julie is a step behind.

I'm also doddering along quite nicely with the ChicKami. I know others out there have raved about how quickly it knits, but seriously, I've been no Speedy Gonzalez. I don't know whether it only feels like it's been forever because I haven't spent all that much concentrated time on it or whether the miles and miles of boring stockinette stitch send my mind into a stupor. In any case, I've finally split the front and the back for the raglan shaping. And if I have to say "It won't be long now..." for this little number again, I think I'll just rip it all out and forget about it altogether. (I'm encouraged about its fit, though. I tried on what I'd finished before I split the front and back and I think we've got a winner!)