The Musings of One Miss Julie

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Joints of This Blog Are a Bit Creaky

Whew! I sure didn't think it would be more than 4 months before I posted again.

So much has happened in that span, I'll have to offer a brief summary:
-- We had a great trip to Florida with the fam in March
-- On March 23, I went in for an ultrasound to check out some things the doctor was concerned about. Turns out there was nothing worrying -- just TWINS!
-- Scott and I spent many hours together soul-searching, reflecting, and generally laughing at the magnanimous change in our lives that our two little Doublemints are going to bring.
-- In early May, our home was broken into. The thievery wasn't upsetting so much as the sickening feeling of violation. Also, we think the robbers did something to Groucho because he just hasn't been the same dog since.
-- In early June, Groucho the Wonderpooch, the world's happiest, friendliest, spunkiest dog turned on Scott and bit him. That still has us seriously freaked out as we think about bringing two little ones into the house. We're keeping a close watch on him, clamping down on the discipline and training, and trying to understand what happened. We both think the break-in had something to do with it.
-- Also in early June, we learned that the two Doublemints are in fact two little girls. Ruffle-butt bloomers, here we come!
-- Just yesterday Scott and I returned home from a week at his family's cottage on Lake Huron where I enjoyed lounging and generally exploiting my Queen Bee Pregnant Lady status.

I've been doing some knitting, though not much. I did finish two cutie little fruit hats for the girls, but I can't post photos just yet because our digital camera was amongst the items the burglars walked away with.

In the meantime, life continues along quite happily. I keep thinking to myself that I must have been born for this pregnancy stuff. I feel really great, my body feels more in its element than ever before, and I've got a blissfully content frame of mind. It's lovely.