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Friday, July 29, 2005

Gone Fishing

Gee, what a scintillating week it's been around this blogspot. And it's going to be dry again next week. We're heading up north to the Upper Peninsula (aka the U.P.) tomorrow morning where we'll camp on Lake Superior. It's going to be grand, grand, grand.

What do you think of my gorgie new sunglasses, which the ever-knowing Scott chose for me? He's a great gift-picker-outer and he didn't disappoint this time either. The glasses are inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film that's out now, and I think they're meant to look like the ones Johnny Depp wears at one point in the film, though I haven't yet seen it to know for sure. And while they don't show in the photo, there's a really fabulous swirly W on the arm, which I love. Oh how I adore over-the-top accessories (these are taking the place of the bright orange cat glasses I've been sporting lately).

Anyway, what with all the free time I'm going to have next week, I hope to have lots of fun finished and in-progress items to report on when I get back. And I'm giving in and delving in to the Harry Potter books at long last. (Scott's nearly beside himself because he can't talk over Book 6 with me.) We'll see if I can buzz through Books 1-4 as a start.

Toodles, dahlings.


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