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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Cold Shoulder

Remember this little number? I last posted about it in January 2006. Whew.

Cable Vest with Flarey-Flare Shoulders

Well, that flarey-flarey shoulder ribbing bit the dust today. It was my first-ever rip-out of that proportion (not that nothing I've ever made didn't deserve to be ripped out, I just put items that need it in my procrastination pile). I will wear the sweater vest this fall. The shirts that I bought to wear with it are getting faded in the wash and won't look so fabu if I don't finish the vest soon.

I figured out where I went wrong with the sweater. Truthfully, more than just the ribbing should be undone and redone, but it's just too heartbreaking to contemplate. When I chose the size I made, I based it on fitting my volumptuousness, and as a result, the shoulders are way too big. So, I'm going to do some fancy knitting-sewing hybrid moves to shape it up and hopefully have a garment that's more flattering.

When I pick up the stitches again for the shoulders, I'll keep even with the edge under the armholes, but as I move up toward the shouler I'll start tapering in a few rows so that I'm essentially creating a hefty seam allowance. I'm going to forego the ribbing altogether and do two or three rows of garter stitch, which will match the neckband. That will create a smaller frame for the arms and help, too. When all the knitting is done, I'll pull out my serger and serge and trim the excess from the seam allowance.

My next step is to mark the line I'm going to follow as I pick up stitches. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

* * *

In baby news: Last night we took the girls to their first drive-in movie, hoping they'd sleep through it so Scott and I could enjoy an evening out with family in tow. Gracie decided sleeping was out of the question, and therefore enjoyed the bulk of Transformers right along with us. Good times.


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