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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Look Who's Blocking

I've been a busy miss in the almost two weeks since I last posted -- and I don't have as much to show for it. Mostly because the Build-a-Better-Julie Program has begun in earnest. And successfully, too. I've lost about 5 pounds. I've been celebrating the ever-decreasing size of my posterior, and for once that celebration doesn't entail food consumption. Any second now my pants are going to be so big that they fall off.

Just tonight I finished the bulk of the knitting on my sweater vest. I've got it laid out on the kitchen table, all nice and dampish and blocking away. Here's the really compelling photo that's got "professional" written all over it.

sweater vest blocking
I'm now to the part of the project I loathe: Finishing. I'll probably delay and procrastinate on this for a good couple of weeks so that by the time I do finish it spring will have come and I'll have to wait to wear my sweater anyway. Betcha can't wait to see what I'll blog about during that spell.

I've got bowling again tomorrow night. You can check out the Sister Strikers bowling shirts my sis and I wear at the lanes. Last week, Becky and I really carried Team Spare Change. Poor Mr. Julie barely crossed the 100-pin threshold and had to sit and watch as I bowled my career high of 170. I ask you this: Can it be a career-high if our league calls 9 pins a strike? (Note to self: C'mon now, who are you kidding? Does it really matter?)


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