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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whole Lotta Paintin' Goin' On

The headline is rather a giveaway, but I'll state it plainly: Lots of painting means not so much knitting or other Julieness.

Like the ant in the well-known fable, we've been working hard to get ready for what will undoubtedly be a cold, blustery Michigan winter by painting the exterior of our house. I guess we're also like the grasshopper, too, since we started the painting last year but left it incomplete. We've only got the trim to paint on the garage tomorrow and then we'll be done. Ah, yes.

Our neighbors are pleased that we no longer have the House of Many Colors. We're pleased because now we can think about other projects (like sitting on the couch, cozied up by the fire). Only the icky giant spiders who lived on the backside of the garage are unhappy because they got evicted to make room for the drive-by of our paint brushes and rollers.

I suppose the spiders will have the last laugh, though, because I think I overheard them whispering to their eight-legged buddies that now is the time to move into the house and give this Miss Julie the heebie-jeebies for the next six months.

Anyway, I hope to have something more stupendous to report next time.


At 10/07/2005 9:31 PM, Blogger kristinknits said...

Painting the house sounds like such a BIG job. I can't even commit to painting a room.

Looks like your blustery weather is here at last. : )


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