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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Something in the Air

For no reason at all, except that I felt like it, tonight's dinner was an Occasion. Something about October always inspires me to get Julia Child-ish in the kitchen (even though I don't cook anything French, really -- unless you count French silk pie -- and Ms. Child's wacky voice gives me the vapors).

Once I hit the middle of October I get into a pre-holiday-season tizzy. My birthday's in a week, then Halloween comes. Then it's on to all the pumpkin pie and turkey I can handle until the Christmas feasting arrives. [Note to self: Maybe you shouldn't get that excited about eating.]

Tonight was fun because I made a special dinner using oodles of wedding gifts. Out came the breadmaker and the fancy cloth napkins and silver napkin rings. And to cast just the right light and shadows, a red candle in the silver candle sticks with an engraved leaf pattern. And because I could, I chose the funky blue-stemmed goblets my sis gave me when I was in college.

The lasagna was fabulous, made with my own homemade sauce. The wheat berry bread was crusty on the outside and soft in the middle, and wrapped in the breadcloth Mom embroidered for me. And the yummy wine didn't disappoint: half a glass in and I was flushed and tipsy. (Thanks, Mom, for giving me that gene! We really know how to light it up.) The best part? Sitting down with my fella in our Saturday work-around-the-house jeans and T-shirts and sharing it.

And now with my wine-head, it strikes me as the perfect time to cast on for something new. Finishing projects is so passé.


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