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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Things I've (Re)Learned in the Past 12 Days

In no particular order:

-- Patience. It's not always easy being waited on, especially when the kind helper-outer doesn't do things the same way as I do.

-- Multi-tasking is fine, but focus is better. Because my injury and The Boot on my right foot prevent me from moving too fast, all of my transportation is quite intentional. As a result, I've grown to like moving a little slower; my heart rate and relative stress levels are feeling the relief, too.

-- I need some new socks. They may be my favorites, but they're looking a bit threadbare in the toes, which doesn't look too keen when revealed in The Boot.

-- Having a big family is fantastico. When we all gathered to celebrate my grandpa's life, I counted 35 of us -- and that's just my immediate family on my mom's side. I love it and all of its accompanying laughter and rowdiness.

-- Laughing at a funeral is just as appropriate as crying. Especially at stories about my grandparents I'd never heard before. Especially at my sister for having to lead the singing of a hymn (chosen by my mom) that she didn't know.

-- "Misery loves company" isn't completely true. Instead, I discovered even strangers are sympathetic. As a result of my quite visible limp and Boot, people I've never seen or spoken to before in my office have felt compelled to help me out or simply offer words of encouragement as I've recovered. One woman I'd never seen around before even approached me in the hall and cheered me on when she noticed I was no longer using my cane!

-- "Legacy" isn't just a word. I gave the eulogy at my grandpa's funeral, and while thinking of what I was going to say and stories I wanted to share, I discovered traits of my grandpa that have been present all this time in my uncles, mom, and even my brother that had just never struck me before. Another point for being focused and intentional, I guess.

-- Short-term mandatory rest can be a good thing. Two days after the sprain, my mother-in-law actually asked me if I was bored. With all that reading, knitting, and napping I accomplished, I should think not.

-- Apparently, I'm not too young for masses of gray hairs. Enough said on that topic.

-- It's good to be almost back on my feet again. I drove for the first time in nearly two weeks today. I took my first longish walk today. I returned to cooking dinner today. Nice.


At 9/22/2005 10:20 PM, Blogger Heidi said...

Funerals are so hard, but it sounds like your family is wonderful. The reminiscing really helps!

And on gray hairs, I've had a lot of em since I was about 16. They mean exactly nothing to me and in fact I am kind of proud of them. There are some beautiful ladies out there with salt-n-pepper going on, so I say you should rock that look!! It probably matches well with The Boot :)

Take care...

At 9/27/2005 11:20 PM, Blogger kristinknits said...

I agree ... laughing at a funeral is totally appropriate. It feels really good to remember the good times and hear some new stories, too.

I hope you are taking good care of yourself!


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