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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Right... Uh-Huh

Vacation was grand. We arrived home several days ago, but I'm feeling particularly stymied when it comes to blogging lately. I'm sure you haven't noticed. Jan must have been reading my mind with her post today.

The camping couldn't have been more perfect. Highlights included: all the sleep I could handle; nights by the campfire with views of the stars that you just can't get here in town; and a great day at the beach in Grand Marais, where Scott and I frolicked in the giant Lake Superior waves. And all of this took place in country so beautiful it makes my heart constrict with love. Clearly it's been too long since I spent any time up north in the U.P.

My subject line acknowledges the naivete of last post's proclamation that I would have lots to show for all that free time. I had plenty of free time, but much of it I was happy just to be. And sometimes being means not even doing those activities one loves the most.That's why the only photographs we came home with were ones of me splashing around in the water -- and those aren't hitting the Internet anytime soon -- despite the number of photo-worthy views we took in.

I did make some progress on Branching Out. I love the almost magical quality of knitting lace. I'm so slow at it because at the finish of each row I simply must stop to examine and admire my work.


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