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Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Lovely Surprise

Today a friend of mine at work arrived at my office bearing gifts. She's told me all about her in-laws' travels throughout India, Thailand, and other Asian destinations and has mentioned several times all the wonderful gifts she's received from their time abroad.

Today she shared some of her treasures with me. Apparently, she has bins and bins of textiles and other bric-a-brac that she either doesn't have the space for or realizes she'll never use. (I can't imagine the strength it must have required to come to such a realization.) Here I share with you some of what she gave me.

From left to right: a fantastic cotton table cloth, complete with bead fringe on the corners; a gorgeous square cotton scarf from India; a long rectangular silky-cotton blend scarf, with self-fabric fringe; and a stunning curtain-type piece, complete with a casing. I think I'm going to finish the one raw edge of the the curtain and use it as a wall hanging in my office at work until I can begin and finish the quilt wall hanging I'm scheming about.

In any case, this was a touching gift today. My friend also told me she plans to have a yard sale on Saturday offering up some more of these types of items. I'm there!


At 6/18/2005 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie - I'm so glad you love your art treasures, and it was great to meet your mom!

We discovered later in the day that a couple of the pieces were actually really cool sarongs! I decided to keep one (will definitely be wearing it to the office soon) and sold one to a woman who was so fun - she definitely won the 'favorite yard sale customer' award - so friendly and excited about her purchases - she had your spunk:) She wore her sarong home along with a coat I bought in Chang Mai in '93. It makes me happy knowing that those items went home with someone like her.

The yard sale was a big hit, but there's still quite a bit left in case you need more:)



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