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Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Weekend for (Getting Close to) Finishing Things

I finally made some progress on my bathroom yesterday. Now I just need to paint and hang the trim before I can install the new toilet and pedestal sink. Ah, that's going to feel so good.

Tonight I've made my first real foray into unsupervised seaming. I blocked the baby sweater yesterday, and that went just swimmingly. Tonight I stitched the right shoulder and sewed on the right sleeve. The left sleeve is going to be trickier because the left shoulder is left open for a button flap. My trusty Vogue knitting book hasn't let me down yet, so I should be able to make it through relatively painlessly.

After that it's just stitching the underarm and side seams and adding the buttons.
I hope to continue working on it tomorrow, but we've got some Memorial Day family gatherings to attend, which will certainly impact the time availability.

I know one thing for sure: Three-day weekends are fabulous, dahling.


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