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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Of Sore Losers, the Theatuh, and Timeless Insults

We had a whirlwind weekend, which started for me on Thursday when my sister, who was in town last week, brought over a tres adorables trench coat for Groucho the Wonderpooch. (Pics to come.) Friday we played games with the fam and Becky taught us Settlers of Catan and Dutch Blitz. Seriously, my sister wins at games like no one else I've ever known. I'm rather amused that her beau, who taught Becky both those games in the first place, managed to fare remarkably unwell at both of them that night. I tried not to be too amused at his expense, but he was clearly razzled by my sister's glowing success that night.

Saturday morning we hit the road for Stratford, Ontario, where we took in a conference on teaching Shakespeare through performance. I was one of a few non-teachers there, but it was altogether an enjoyable time. We watched their production of Shakespeare's As You Like It. As a result, I have a new favorite insult: "You lisp and you wear strange suits." I should be able to work that one in every day.

Taking a tour of their Festival Theater this morning made me realize that it could be super fun to work with a theater company. Their wardrobe department was practically an in-house Haberman Fabrics. They had a walls of buttons and trims 7 feet high and 20 feet long -- each. Bliss.


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