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Monday, May 09, 2005

Nothing Like Mom's Approval

Yesterday for Mother's Day Scott and I had our fams over. I wanted to make a special meal using recipes I'd found a long time ago but had never attempted. I think there's a rule held by some people that one should never try new recipes on guests. Rules schmules.

It was scrumptious and beautiful, and I don't mind saying so. The chicken was delicately breaded with parmesan, herbs, and bread crumbs. It came out of the oven nearly photo-shoot ready. That's never happened to me before. And my first try at risotto was a glorious success. It was creamy, the rice had a lovely texture, and the small pieces of carrots and asparagus throughout were crisp-tender just the way I love 'em. Topped off with some bread and our favorite Michigan Riesling, it was a wonderful meal. And oh yeah, we had a great time with our moms, too.

Tonight I planted some snapdragon and cosmos seeds. So by the end of July I should have photos of my flowers to post. Oy, that seems ages away, but we're finally getting some lovely days so I don't mind so much.


At 5/10/2005 2:40 PM, Blogger erica said...

Julie, a good rule of thumb for picking up stitches is two stitches for every three rows. And go one stitch in from the edge, you don't want to have any holes along the edge and you don't want to put stress on the edge stitch. When you're picking up along normal horizontal stitches just pick those up as if they were normal stitches. On diagonals, try to keep the two stitches to three rows rule, but try to close up any holes.


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