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Monday, May 30, 2005

M'mm M'mm, Good

Last night Scott and I were struck with a bout of culinary inspiration. We both enjoy cooking but often get lazy when it comes time to get down to it. (Okay, so as Scott was just reading over my shoulder, he reminds me that it was actually he who had the light-bulb moment. I was just the go-alonger.)

In any case, Scott bought some ribs at our favorite local market. I don't usually even like ribs, but the ones we made last night with the recipe Scott found online were surely the best I've ever eaten. I even put aside my aversion to getting foody viscosities on my fingers and my dislike for eating any food that requires a Wet Nap after the meal.

Maybe it was the bourbon, maybe it was the root beer, but this recipe was divine.


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