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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

We're Back

What a fantastic vacation we had! And sheesh, did we need it.

Scott & Julie Do Tabasco We spent a few days with my sis before heading south to the Big Easy. Over the course of our trip we took in the Tabasco factory, which you can see here. (What is it with our delight at standing next to super-sized versions of everyday objects? Admittedly, Scott doesn't look as charmed as I do.) We visited Oakley Plantation, where the birdman John James Audubon spent some time. We encountered a lovely white peacock at the plantation (I cut most of my dopey self out of the background of the photo, but that's the bird we saw) that apparently took a liking to us. It put on quite a show for us. We also lounged on my sister's couch, an understated but very enjoyable part of our trip. We walked all over New Orleans, taking in the fantastic aquarium and zoo they've got there. And oh yeah, I bought some yarn.

Yes, pleaseI finally gave in to my need for the Noro Kureyon. I hardly need any more yarn sitting around and reminding me that I'm not a fast enough knitter to move through it as quickly as I'm buying it. But hey, when I finally do make that Booga Bag with it, I can remember my trip with fondness. There's justification for you.


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