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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Me vs. Natural Order of Things

Whew! So I'm finished with the primary knitting on the back and front of the baby sweater and I'm rushing my way through the sleeves now. My friend's baby is now two months old, so it's a scurry against time to make sure he doesn't reach 12 pounds before I'm finished with his gift.

I really like the clean-babyness of this sweater. I mean, I don't think anyone prefers an ooey, dirty baby, but I rank with the best of 'em in terms of really, really disliking the gooey-fingered, drooly candy-mouthed, Kool-Aid moustached variety of little tykes. Something about the white and blue combo just says "Clean, Dry Baby Sitting Smiling in His Pram." I'll have to bug my friend for a picture of her little Jake wearing my handiwork just to prove my theory right. I'd better get back to the needles -- he's probably growing faster than I'm knitting.

Oh yeah, we're supposed to get up to 14 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if anyone reminded God that it's almost May.


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