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Friday, December 31, 2004

The Stockings Hung with Care...

Scott's StockingIt took me long enough, but after five years Scott's stocking is finally finished and made it to the mantle on Christmas Eve. I started the cross stitching on it in October 1999 thinking that I would have it finished for Christmas of that year. Ha! I made a good-faith effort, but it just couldn't even come close to happening that year. And since we weren't even engaged at that point, I joked that if something went awry with us that I would just insert some other name at the top so at least my work wouldn't have been for naught.

Last year I finished the stitching but I was too much the procastinator to stitch the backing on and truly complete it. I hate that part of any needlework project anyway, so in the end I got a fair amount of assistance from my mom just so it would be finished this year.

And so, I present a piece of work that I'm quite proud of and that I was delighted to finally give to mon amour. (I should mention that I took this photo today, when it was an unseasonably balmy 60 degrees here in Southeast Michigan.)


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