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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fur and More Fur

I'm moving right along on Rachel's scarf, having finished one entire rotation of all four colors. If the soft, furry deliciousness of this scarf doesn't make her the envy of the middle-school set, I don't know what will. But then again, kids that age can be so mystifying, there's really no understanding them sometimes. (I speak from experience, having been a mystifier of sorts myself. Glad I got that all worked out. Right.)

And because I can, here's a gratuitous shot of Groucho the Wonderpooch. My adoration for him borders on the unhealthy. I'm sure I never knew I could be so crazy about a four-legger—especially one who is particularly demanding when he decides it's playtime. There's no ignoring the imploring eyes of this little guy when he brings around his bone and starts pawing at your hands until you finally give him and give him the tussle he's after. It's either play with him or have the epidermal layer of your hands become a fond memory.

By the way, I happily found this site last week, Lab-Tested, which reviews the chewability of dog toys, based on the experiences of one chocolate lab. Groucho may not have that big of a rack of teeth, but his chompers make short work of the Nylabones he ravages.


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