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Monday, September 13, 2004

A Week Come and Gone

Whew! How the time does fly.

I spent the last week prepping for a wedding shower I held for my friend at my humble abode. Scott and I were painting the exterior of the front our house like fiends so that it wouldn't be a crazy mess of new and old colors. I'm really sold on the new look: We traded in tan-and-tan for green-and-cream.

The shower went just beautifully. I made some yummy treats, which I was very proud of. But mostly, it was a great day spent honoring my friend and her big next step.

This is the big news for today, though: I've decided that me and the November 11 craft sale just aren't meant to be. When I sat down and did the math, I figured I'd have to complete 2.5 scarves or more a week to build up enough inventory to make it worth my while. Otherwise, I'd look Miss Dork sitting at a table with two finished scarves.

I'll also take it as a sign that the day after I made my decision, the non-profit organization within my company sent out a call to all knitters and crocheters for donated yarn, finished handmade scarves, or time to make new ones to be sold at the craft fair. All proceeds would benefit the foundation, which in turn supports other employees who find themselves in need of a helping hand.

I'll probably help out in some way with that. I also wondered if it wouldn't appear selfish of me to have my own table selling the same wares as the foundation, but for profit.


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