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Sunday, September 05, 2004


So I wanted to post pictures of the plethora of scarves I'm knitting up for the craft sale, but due to some system difficulties, it's a no-go today.

Even if I decide that I won't be able to have enough scarves knitted in time for the craft fair, and therefore can't participate, this whole experience is suiting me just fine. It's allowing me to start a bunch of projects at once, switch between them at will, and experiment with lots of different techniques and patterns.

I'm liking most of what I'm creating, though there is one scarf that could challenge my ability to love it. I wanted to get wild and crazy and stripe one, but the colors I chose just aren't meshing as well as I hoped they would. (That may be the last time I buy yarn for striping purposes online because of the iffy color accuracy through my monitor.)

I'm working three scarves on one needle right now, which seemed like a good idea at first. But since they're made from an Eros-type railroad yarn, the strands just keep gnarling up. I'm spending more time on detangle duty than knitting.

I started another scarf out of a thin cotton-rayon blend in an extraordinary variegation of earth tones. I may have a hard time giving that one up. I'll try to post the photos soon.


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