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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hello, world!

Well la-dee-da! I'm a blogger!

I'm feeling rather shy about this whole publishing to the so-called World Wide Web and all, but it should prove to be a rather interesting method of keeping in touch with folks now that the Noricks family diaspora has officially begun. My sis just moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this week, leaving behind all her Michigan loved ones. Sigh.

I'll hop right into it, then.

Today Scott the hubby had to work, which left me and Groucho the Wonderpooch home alone. We did a bit of sleeping, a bit of eating, a bit more sleeping, and then I did some knitting whilst Groucho continued his nap. Ah, there's nothing like taking full advantage of perfect summer days when it's 85 degrees and sunny outside.

I wasn't completely Miss Lazy today. I took the bicycle for a spin today (the bike that's on loan from my sis) and rode over to my aunt and uncle's house, about a mile away. I felt pretty proud of myself for attempting any kind of physical activity, since exercise and I just aren't a match made in heaven. I will say, though, that I felt really good after the ride, so maybe it's a sign that I need to get off my arse more often and forget that it may, incidentally, be exercise.

Sleep well, my little sissie in Baton Rouge...


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