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Monday, August 02, 2004

Bountiful Harvest

Today's warm weather made me feel almost overcome with the satisfaction of knowing my little garden plot is bearing fruit. I've got oodles of ripening tomatoes hanging on the vine that I can't wait to enjoy. Maybe it's cliche by now, but I doubt I'll ever get over the thrill of biting into a sun-warmed tomato and feeling the juice run down my chin. Except for being a bit messy, it's close to perfection.

Tonight to accompany the pizza Scott picked up on his way home from work, I threw together a quickie salad of lettuce with my second ripe tomato from the garden. And even though the salad wasn't chock full of other stuff, it was just right.

I see some stormy-looking clouds rolling in, which means it's a perfect time to settle onto the couch with some knitting. I'm hoping to finish a surprise little gift I'm making my sis.


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