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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Another Notch on the Finished Project List

Woo-hoo me! I finished knitting my sister's fabu surprise on Monday night. I just need to pack it up and ship it her way. (I'll post pictures after I know she has received it.) Now if only I can complete the Christmas gift I gave to her in pieces nearly 8 months ago... Alas.

I'm going to try to make some serious progress on my ChicKami, particularly since the leaves will be falling and the days will be cooling sooner than we know it. I've discovered that even though knitting in the round saves me from lots of moaning over how much I hate seaming pieces together, I really hate how slow it feels to knit that way. Yeah, yeah, it's mind over matter I know, but it just seems to take hours to accomplish even an inch of knitting because of how long each row is. Maybe that's more a statement of my general knitting pace.


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